Monday, 20 December 2010

Training for the Highland Fling

I am going to begin to post my experiences of training for my first ultra marathon event. I have completed 2 marathons previously (both Edinburgh) and decided that a new challenge was required....why not run 2 marathons back to back....and instead of a really flat course, why not throw in a pile of hills!

Myself and a colleague from work both signed up for the Highland Fling, a 53 mile event across the first half of the West Highland Way. The race is held on 30 April 2011 which gives me roughly 18 weeks of concerted effort to train for it.
Having read numerous race reports from both first-time and experienced runners, I am filled with anticipation, excitement and dread as to what I have let myself in for. Providing I can put the training in and am sensible with my pace, hydration and nutrition on the day then I am sure I can finish the race in the allotted time limit for my age group (13 hours). Jez Bragg, the current record holder for completing this course could almost run the course and back again in this time, as such, the first (and last) time I expect to see him is when he disappears into the distance in Milngavie!